The Trina Solar US Advantage

A solar solution for high-powered, high-value rooftop PV systems.
From initial savings on system costs to ongoing support from local Trina Solar US teams, residential solar installers can offer customers more value than ever before.


Trina Solar's Vertex S+ modules use a compact but high-powered design that lets installers offer customers up-front savings. With up to 430W+ maximum power and up to 22% maximum efficiency in a smaller and lighter frame, installers can pack more power per roof using fewer Vertex S+ panels than it would take using traditional modules to attain the same system size.

All-black Aesthetic
The Vertex S+ modules set a new bar for residential solar aesthetics by showing how high-powered and high-efficiency rooftop PV systems don’t have to sacrifice a home’s curb appeal.

Discover even more added benefits of the Trina Solar US Advantage:

  • The benefits of installing Vertex S+ with n-type 210mm PV technology
  • The unrivaled versatility of smaller yet more powerful panels
  • The TrinaProtect Warranty Program, with industry-leading 25-year product and 25-year performance warranties
  • Experienced US-based sales, operations, logistics, finance, tech, and customer support teams
  • How to deliver unparalleled solar value for homeowner customers
  • And more!

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April 5, 2023

Fast Track Your Solar Tracker Installations & Boost Mega-Watts Per Man-Hour - How You Can Save Up To 200 Man-Hours on Solar Tracker Installations

The Trina Solar US and Suncast Team dives into how you can save up to 200 man-hours on solar tracker installations and how this can be done.
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March 30, 2023

5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Solar Tracker System with Dell Jones from Trina Solar

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Nico Johnson speaks with Dell Jones, the TrinaPro Key Account Manager for North America, about 5 ways to mitigate risk and maximize profits when considering trackers for utility-scale solar projects.



The Vertex N

The newly announced Vertex N module, inheriting the Vertex family’s merits of higher power, higher efficiency, higher energy yield, and higher reliability, boasts a maximum power output of 595W, 30W higher than conventional n-type modules in the market.

For more information about the Vertex N, please click here

The Vertex S+

Meet the brand new Vertex S+ module, the latest dual-glass module for residential rooftops. With its ultra-high power of up to 435W+ module efficiency, it is an ideal product with unmatched longevity and sustainable power.

>For more information about the Vertex S+, please visit our website here.

Trina Solar US Advantage

Trina Solar US Advantage helps residential solar installers deliver more customer value. With its experienced US-based teams, the US Advantage unlocks new opportunities for installers to improve customer satisfaction and grow their businesses.

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