Seed Kounosu Research Institute is a contact lens production facility with 2 buildings covering an area of approximately 35,000㎡. As their main business is the production of contact lenses and they wanted to shift towards becoming a more environmentally friendly manufacturer, they needed to find a highly efficient and premium quality PV panel that ensured reliable and long term stable power generation with as little as possible maintenance requirement.

Seed installed a PV system on the rooftop of their first building in July 2013 and started to generate eco-friendly energy under the FIT program to contribute to the society. There was also another reason for their system installation.

Folded-plate roofing can easily reach temperatures as high as 60℃ in summer sunlight which negatively affects cooling efficiency in rooms below. After evaluating several available options, installing PV modules on the roof seemed to be the most logical and ideal solution.

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