Dual Glass Module

Double-glass modules provide a heavy-duty solution for harsh environments with high temperature, humidity or UV conditions that usually impact the reliability of traditional solar modules with backsheet material. Dual-glass modules have increased resistance to cell micro-cracking, potential induced degradation, module warping, degradation from UV rays, and sand abrasion, as well as alkali, acids or salt mist. In addition, because of less micro-cracks and moisture ingress, double-glass modules present a much lower risk of so-called “snail track” generation.

A dual-glass module was designed to pass the highest UL fire resistance certification. The double-glass module design offers not only higher reliability and longer durability, but also significant Balance of System cost savings by eliminating the aluminum frame of conventional modules and frame-grounding requirements. The application of double-glass modules covers multiple markets including utility, residential and commercial.

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